Sunday, May 16, 2010

A guy, his family, and a Honda Odyssey

Friday was the deadline to enter a photograph in a local art show/competition. I found a couple of photos that I had taken during the last year that I would probably enter. But, I wanted to use the festival to challenge me to set up a shot I hadn't taken before. I have a bunch of ideas of images I want to shoot. This was the first of those photos to go from abstract idea to actual photo.

My aunt who is studying photography took some awesome portraits of her family and friends. She did a great job of capturing people in their elements. She turned me on to some images taken by Tina Barney. I am not necessarily a fan of all of Barney's images, but I like what she is trying to do with her photos. I hope my aunt posts her shots because they are on a whole other level. I tried to channel a little Tina Barney and A. Livingstone in the creation of my image.

I wanted to photograph people in their element; take a shot that told a story. I am not sure that I did that, but I think the photo is at least fun to look at.

I am going to save the set up and technical elements about the photograph for a later blog post. I took a few shots of the set up, and will post those too. Except for a little desaturation, this is pretty close to how the image came out of the camera.