Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Goodbye Ebay Gadget Infinity Triggers: I loved you

Last week I bought two Pocketwizard Plus II transceivers from a craigslister, then I traded a Canon Flash for a older style Pocketwizard transmitter and receiver.

As a result it was time for me to let go of my Ebay Gadget Infinity wireless triggers and receivers. Twas a sad day. I loved those things and they worked great.

I modded the transmitter with an external antenna. I bought a 1 dollar Xbox adapter from the dollar store, and used that to create a removable antenna.

Then I modified the receivers to operate on AA batteries. Once I "enhanced" them I rarely had a misfire (I can't think of a time), and I could use them from a considerable distance (200+ ft.). I was going to add antennas to the receivers to try to increase the distance even more, but I couldn't pass up the pocketwizard deal.

This post pays homage to my Gadget Infinity triggers whose total price for one transmitter and four receivers is less than the cost of one Pocketwizard (But firing my strobes from around the block was pretty cool last night).

Here is my Gadget Infinity trigger Haiku:

Triggers never fail
So cheap I would buy ten more
Sexy: not so much

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  1. You'll definitely come ahead with the PW II's - your"enhancement" sounded interesting.