Friday, February 27, 2009

red bench = cool

I have done a couple of family portraits at the park. Every time I go, I borrow my aunt's bench. It is a great bench. It is the perfect size to carry to the park. It fits in my trunk (how can you beat that, really?).

On bulk trash day a few months ago, she let me know that there was a bench in someone else's bulk trash. Not one to pass up someone else's trash, we went over and asked if we could take it.

After I saw it, I wasn't too keen on taking it home. I kind of took it just to be nice to a family relative who was looking out for me.

The white paint was flaking off of the bottom, and the green paint was flaking off of the top. The top piece was particle/compressed wood. The top layer had peeled off in places exposing all the compressed particle. It had nappy dog hair stuck to it, and gnaw marks on some of the corners. I was thinking it may go from one person's bulk trash to another's.

...But in the end I am cheap (mainly out of necessity). I can't afford some kewl hip new antique bench so I decided to work with what I had: nappyness.

Well, a lot of sanding (I am not handy enough to have an electric sander) and scraping later, and a layer of stain, and some vinyl from Joann's, and I have a new bench.

Thanks, Arnon for seeing the diamond in the rough. It still needs a nip and a tuck on a few of the corners, but I think it looks pretty good from it's humble origins.

If nothing else it is sturdy.

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  1. You are a man of many talents - that bench never looked so good! How many hours did you put into its rehabilitation? It will be a stunning prop to add to your arsenal of kewl hip-ness! Rock on!