Thursday, April 16, 2009


My aunt was given the assignment of using strobes to take portraits. She decided to do a series of "dumped" photos. Here is one of the shots. We did it in my garage (I think it may have been a ploy to keep her own garage clean). Check them out here.

Three Alienbees total. Two on the sides and slightly above with 7inch reflectors (come standard with the strobes), and one alienbees shot into silver umbrella as the key light. We tried an sb-800 on the floor shooting at the background for a few shots. It was set to fire with the built in optical trigger. With the exception of two sb-600s, we used all my light.

We were able to shoot between 3.5 frames per second and 4.5 frames per second. The alienbees did a good job of keeping up, but a little power was lost. The first frame of each burst was noticeably lighter than the following.

Here are a couple of the setup shots. The shots are from our second sitting. As result, we managed to keep the mess somewhat under control. The chair front and left is where I stood to pour the food product on the poor recipient.



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