Monday, March 16, 2009

Night time HDR 2

Okay, I just got back from the local fire station. This time I wasn't loosey goosey with my shutter speeds. I took a stop watch, and wrote down ahead of time how long I would keep the shutter open for each image. I planed on doing five images: 1 sec., 4 sec., 15 sec., 60 sec., and 250 sec. In the end I did these, and while there I decided to do a 125 sec.,  1/2 sec. and 1/4 sec. as well. Above is the image of the merged files. Below is the long exposure (4 minute and 15 sec. shot.), notice the lack of detail in the windows of the fire station versus the HDR image. Also, in the HDR version, I removed the moon in light room. 


  1. Was the moon too problematic? Or was it a composition choice? Did you do any white balance work? The windows are great. Lots of detail. good job.

  2. Thanks.

    The moon looked a little splotchy because it was moving so much through out the images. If you look at the streaks in the sky they are the stars, and the moon was moving noticeably more. I guess I could have left it in, but at 2:30AM my brain was doing all it could to click the mouse. My shutter (combining all the images) was open for probably 8 min. And there was considerable time in between the long exposure shots as my (nikon) camera processed the images. I have to figure out if my camera really needs to process that long, or if it is due to in camera noise reduction.

    On the fire station I didn't tweak the white balance. The light was pretty true. I didn't have any odd colored lights affecting the composition. However on the house in the previous post. The whole composition was being affected by the orange light on the corner.