Monday, March 16, 2009

Nighttime HDR

Just shot loosey goosey with random variable shutter speed (didn't have a watch to time the exposure  in "bulb" mode). Brought the images into photomatix to merge the images. Then I took the resulting image into Lightroom to adjust the white balance, and crop the image. A few notes: the street light was putting out a very orange light. And the house is purple. Here is the non-white balanced shot:


  1. My teacher LOVES the variable light colors that that are produced at night. He says that's part of the aesthetic of night photography - not quite knowing the colors that will show up is a good thing. That's one reason he LOVES mercury vapor lights. I would love to see the un-white balanced photo.

  2. I just upped the original HDR composite (before white balance).

  3. Very interesting. that street light is very powerful! i think it looks better with your adjustments.