Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Nighttime HDR 3 and 4

My aunt and I went out last night to do some HDR shots. Cherry pickers: I like it. Other than importing the images, I ran a noise filter on the final image and set the white balance to auto.

The building under construction wasn't so hot. I think that I was getting too much light from the overhead lights that were over us. Also, there is a light haze over the image. Again, I think it is due to the lights. Too much lens flare. It looks like I am shooting behind a plate of glass. I could do some work on it, but I am trying to do as little Photoshop as possible on these. I may revisit after the kids and I get back from the dentist.

When we first pulled up to check out the building, a security guard noticed us. We didn't like the angle anyway, so we pulled around back, and parked in the parking lot of an adjacent bank. A few minutes after we set up our cameras and began to shoot, a van pulled into the picture (lower left). Then a few moments later a couple of police cars showed up. The police were very courteous (really how scary do we look with our cameras on tripods, and us just chillin' on the curb).  They indicated that the property we were on was private property. The police officer just asked us to speed up the process, and not stay too long. Thanks, officer friendly.

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  1. your images are very superior to mine. i like the cherry picker one - but i like the building minus the spots and haze. it looks like a giant ruin. How do we get the crane to behave? what caused that haze? i think we really need to clean our lens super well before the next shoot. i REALLY need to get a remote - i think i had lots of hand/finger shake.